Outline of past work experiences and background

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Design Philosophy

My goal as a product designer is focused on creating simple, functional and elegant products that improve daily life. With so many distractions in everyday life, I want to be part of creating a world that provides a noticeable impact to the enjoyment people have in life. Throughout my co-op internships I have become experienced in defining complex problems and leading them through a thorough design process towards executing a focused, comprehensive, and user-centric final product implementation. A few principles I strive to work by are:

Thinking about why
Every design decision is just as important as the final product. I aim to back each design decision I make with a logical reason why what I am creating would benefit the end user.

Clarity over cleverness
I believe in prioritizing substance of style. My work brings together form and function to create something that looks good and performs simply.

Team is everything
I understand great design is never made by one person. I believe productive collaboration is key towards designing a great product and attempt to stay true to this in my daily work.


Facebook Product Design Intern

Mailchimp Product Design Intern

Robinhood Product Design Intern

Atomic Product Design Intern

BlackBerry Software Development Intern

Menlo Park, USA Fall 2019

Atlanta, USA Fall 2018

Palo Alto, USA Winter 2018

San Francisco, USA Summer 2017

Waterloo, Canada Winter 2015





Feel free to say hello at [email protected] or connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.